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Our current production at Honesdale Performing Arts Center

We provide a wealth of opportunities for students to experience musical theater. Extensive education programs are wonderful examples of the Wayne Highland’s commitment to the local community and to musical theater. Through a combination of educational and social activities, the Wayne Highlands School District Performing Arts reaches thousands of individuals from diverse populations.

The Wayne Highlands School District is committed to providing quality productions in theatre to broaden our young performers awareness of the arts, performance, and academics.

The theatre curriculum is structured in a three-step process that:

  1. Introduces students to the art of theatre, where they learn basic skills required to create effective works of theatre – either onstage or behind the scenes;
  2. Builds upon skills learned in the first year while providing an overview of the world’s greatest dramatic literature in an historical and performance context; and
  3. Applies and deepens the skills and historical background learned in the prior years through actual production of a work of theatre in front of a paying audience.

In all theatre courses, class participation is expected and assessed. Students are asked to observe the world around them and to reflect upon and write about the impact of that world in the context of their theatrical experiences.

For more information, please contact our offices at (570) 251-9831.

Director's Blog

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